Proposition Love and Moovz Celebrate Pride

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

June is a time to encourage equality and celebrate love in all its forms. This year we teamed up with the LGBT global social network Moovz to show how easy it is to erase hate and spread love. Three members of the LGBT community shared their stories with us and tested the kindness of strangers in this daring experiment.

Watch how powerful love can be below.


Chelsea Handler Gives Proposition Love Founders Some Guidance

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If you don’t know by now, Chelsea Handler has a new show available on Netflix, eponymously titled “Chelsea”. Handler is all about trying new things on and off the air, and in this collaboration with Fast Company she gives being a therapist a shot. She sits down with none other than Proposition Love founders, Sam and Jonathan to provide some cheeky relationship guidance on how to work with your spouse.

Check it out below!

Proposition Love Jewelry Designers Talk Subsidizing LGBT Equality Huffington Post Gay Voices

Proposition Love Jewelry Designers Talk Subsidizing LGBT Equality (AUDIO)

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2014-11-05-HuffProp.jpgThis week I talked with Sam Street and Jonathan Tack about their exquisite jewelry line, Proposition Love Jewelry, which donates 10 to 20 percent of proceeds to LGBT-related causes. Jewelry industry veterans Street and Tack were married in California just a few days before Proposition 8 was voted into law. They were part of the lucky few who never had their right to marry taken away, but it made them realize how precious such a thing can be and motivated them to become active in the fight for LGBT equality.

I talked with them about what inspired them to create Proposition Love Jewelry and their spin on LGBT issues. When asked about their personal commitment to LGBT civil rights, Tack stated:

We launched a new collection called Love Is Love because we believe that everyone has the right to love whoever they want to love, and it should be their choice and their civil right. We did a big launch party for Love Is Love, actually, in Beverly Hills, in which we designed various rings for numerous celebrities. For example, we did a ring for Kathy Griffin; we did one for Perez Hilton; we designed one for Melissa Rivers, Tori Spelling — the list goes on and on. It was so heartwarming for us because when we reached out to these celebrities, you know, in their busy lives, we said, “Hey, listen, we would love to design a ring for you to support gay marriage and LGBTQ rights, and we would like to auction the ring and donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale to the charity of your choice that would obviously correlate to what we’re looking to support here.” It was just overwhelming how many celebrities jumped on board and just said, “Hey, we love it. We’re going to do it.”


Sam Street and Jonathan Tack founded Proposition Love Jewelry in 2011 as a symbol of love and commitment to one another and a pledge to support the rights of all. Proposition Love Jewelry proudly donates 10 percent of profits to organizations that support marriage equality, LGBT rights, LGBT youth anti-bullying initiatives and HIV/AIDS activism. They increased their donation to 20 percent for all purchases made in the states where marriage equality has recently become law. For their Countdown Collection they have created a wedding ring for each state to symbolize the historic moment that marriage equality became law. Recently their exquisite LGBT jewelry line has become available at Macys.

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Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg to perform another same-sex wedding – Pink News

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg to perform another same-sex wedding

  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will perform another wedding

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is to perform yet another same-sex wedding.

It was announced that justice Ginsburg will officiate the wedding of her former law clerk, Danny Rubens, to his partner Danny Grossman.

The justice, 81, is no stranger to performing weddings for same-sex couples, having first officiated at the wedding of a gay couple last September.

She has quietly officiated weddings for at least two other same-sex couples to date, and is the only Supreme Court justice known to have done so.

A statement from the court said: “Justice Ginsburg will not have any comment beyond confirming she will officiate at the wedding of Danny Rubens and Danny Grossman this weekend.”

The judge, known for her liberal views, is seen as a certain vote in favour of same-sex marriage if the court takes up a case later this year.

In legal briefs this week, 32 US states called on the Supreme Court to issue a ruling on same-sex marriage.

Filings from the huge number of states urged the court to take up one of the pending marriage ban cases from Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia when it begins its new session next month.

Massachusetts’s brief calling for marriage bans to be struck down was backed by California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington.

Meanwhile, Colorado’s call for the Court to intervene on the issue to prevent further legal battles was supported by Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin.