Uniquely Designed Etched Same Sex Wedding Ring


7mm Etched Same Sex Wedding Ring in Cobalt

Custom-Made allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery

Available for Special Order in 14K Yellow Gold,  14K White Gold or Platinum.  Contact us for Pricing.

*Proposition  Love Jewelry proudly donates 10 % of our company’s profits to organizations that support Marriage Equality, Gay Rights, LGBT Youth and Anti Bullying, and HIV / AIDS activism.


Cobalt is one of the most modern metals used for rings today.  Cobalt rings don’t fade or tarnish because they are not plated.  Cobalt has a bright white color, most comparable to white gold or platinum, for a fraction of the cost. The strength of Cobalt is similar to that of titanium, and can be sized. Our rings retain their round shape under normal use and are scratch resistant and hypo-allergenic.


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