SHOWBIZ SoCAL – Proposition Love Jewelry Donates Custom Design Wedding Rings for BravoTV Star Lisa Vanderpump’s Inaugural LGBT Wedding

                     Proposition Love Jewelry Donates Custom Design Wedding Rings for BravoTV Star Lisa Vanderpump’s Inaugural LGBT Wedding

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image001Newly ordained minister and Bravo TV Star Lisa Vanderpump recently officiated her inaugural same sex wedding ceremony in the garden of her new restaurant/lounge PUMP in West Hollywood.

Proposition Love, a fine jewelry company, designed and donated the rings and had the honor of presenting them to the couple on their wedding day. Sam Street and Jonathan Tack, founders of Proposition Love Jewelry, collaborated with Lisa Vanderpump to create the wedding rings for this very special wedding she was to officiate.

“Today I had the honour of officiating my first wedding at PUMP, beautiful couple entitled to equal rights. An emotional exquisite day! #lgbt”  – Lisa Vanderpump (@LisaVanderpump)

Vanderpump worked with Street and Tack for weeks on the design of the rings, an interlocking motif crafted in white gold, symbolizing the love between newlyweds Dominic and Magno and the joining of their lives together.

“It was such an honor to design rings for Dominic and Magno’s special day as well as attending their beautiful ceremony.  Lisa Vanderpump was the icing on the “wedding” cake.  She is such a great advocate for our community. -Sam Street

Prior to the wave of marriage equality sweeping the country, Street and Tack were married in California in 2008, as they couldn’t marry in their home state of New York. They are one of the 18,000 couples married during the short window of time before Prop 8 went into effect ending marriage equality in California.

It’s encouraging to see support for equality growing in the US, unlike when we were married six years ago in San Francisco’s City Hall.” -Jonathan Tack

About Proposition Love Jewelry:

Proposition Love designs unique and beautiful jewelry for the LGBTQ community and their straight allies.  Proposition Love donates ten percent of profits from the sales of their jewelry to organizations that support Marriage Equality, gay rights, anti-bullying, LGBTQ youth and HIV/AIDS.  Their entire line can be found at as well as a selection of their jewelry is now available at Macy’s online: