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Style :: Fashion Lords of the Ring: 5 Jewelers Targeting the LGBT Wedding Market

by David  Perry


Tuesday Jun 10, 2014


Statute after statute is falling — Pennsylvania’s most recently — and the writing on the wall is clear: Same-sex marriage equality will be the law of the land, and sooner rather than later. As the marrying month of June has arrived, more and more gays and lesbians will walk down the aisle and enjoy a lifetime of the same rights and protections as any other married couple.

And with the rings to prove it. Several jewelry design firms have long served the LGBT community regardless of the law, carving the hopes and dreams of a population in gold and diamonds. Here are five that have come out of the closet to say so.




Proposition Love

Proposition Love

Proposition Love Jewelry donates 10 percent of the company’s profits to organizations supporting marriage equality, gay rights initiatives, LGBT youth and anti-bullying programs, and HIV/AIDS activism. Oh, and they make great wedding rings, too.

“We decided to create a wedding line that supports our community,” says Sam Street, who, along with husband Jonathan Tucker founded the company in response to the passage of California’s notorious Proposition 8. They also found themselves facing a peculiar niche market that Prop 8’s fall and similar same-sex marriage legislation revealed: Diamond engagement rings are not made for men.

To fill the void, Street and Tucker introduced the Love Is Love collection, whose bowed triangle motif is a company hallmark. Masculine but understated, the line combines dazzle with restraint so artistically done that Macy’s now includes it in its retail collection. For those eschewing gemstones, the same line includes rings where the triangles are symbolically intertwined.